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Science At Home

Are you looking for something fun to do at home?  If so, you’ve come to the right place! I will continue to update my website for ideas on how to make this time educational and fun.


Community Science Events


Ready to celebrate Earth Day, make a positive difference and have fun? Here is a list of events in our community this Saturday, April 22.  



Watch a live stream of a total solar eclipse!

April 19, 8:30pm

NASA Live stream




Free Community Event



Watershed Days 2022: Healthy Headwaters

Saturday, August 27

9am-2pm Logo


Gem and Mineral Shows



Website/ Project Resources:

  • Zooniverse: Citizen science projects from around the world.
  • All About Birds from Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
      • Your go-to location for identifying, learning about, and playing games about birds!
  • Science Lab Bulletin BoardStudents are encouraged to bring in a picture or story of what science means to them.  They can present their picture/story to the class and hang it on the communal bulletin board in lab.  This is designed to be student directed and change throughout the year!  
Community Resources and Events
  • CU Wizards Program   Free monthly program. Click here for information.

You can involve the kids with life at home by working on basic life skills that will always benefit them in the long run.


  • Participate in making a daily schedule
  • Participate in making a household budget
  • Grocery and meal planning
  • Cooking:
    • Proportions
    • Volume
    • Weight
    • Temperature


Here is an opportunity to do things a little differently and to build a positive community.

  • Write a letter to a neighbor and tape to their window.
  • Take cardstock, a manilla folder, or cardboard and measure the size of a postcard. Create a message on the postcard.
    • Give it to a neighbor.
    • Add a stamp and address and mail it to somebody you know.
    • Use a map of the United States and mark the location of each postcard you sent.  You can even keep track of time to see how long it takes for the person to receive the postcard.
    • Make observations of something outside and paint or draw on one side of the postcard.
    • Write a message on the other side.


Household tasks can be turned into science experiments:
  • Why do we care that water boils?
  • How does soap clean dishes?  Compare washing a dish with water and soap (even different types of soap).
  • How much energy does a 10 minute shower use?  How do you measure the energy? What is the source of that energy?
  • Food spoilage
  • What can pop like corn?  Lentils, beans, rice, etc?


Prior events and resources



Boulder St. Vrain Watershed Art Contest

International Observe the Moon Night

October 16, 2021

For information, visit

Illustration of group of people looking up at a night sky with the full Moon, and stylized text in many languages.