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Gifted and Talented

Noetic Math WinnersFlagstaff Academy is committed to providing support for all students to reach their potential. The mission of our gifted programming is to provide identified students with rigorous, engaging, and challenging educational opportunities which are responsive to their individual strengths and needs so that they will achieve academic and personal growth commensurate with their abilities.

The students in the Gifted and Talented program experience training in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and logic.


Flagstaff Academy has a Gifted and Talented teacher on site who works directly with gifted students. Identified pupils in grade K-5 are provided pull-out services one to four times weekly depending on scheduling. Gifted and Talented activities are created to support the Core Knowledge sequence and classroom content.
Affective (Social/Emotional Learning)
  • Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program Social-Emotional Intelligence (Grades K-2)
  • Mark Hess social & Emotional Curriculum for Gifted Students (Grades 3-5)
  • 7 Mindsets (schoolwide) 
  • Advanced Math Classes (3rd-5th grade)
  • Honors Math Classes (6th-8th grade)
  • EnVision 2.0 Enrichment (Kindergarten-5th grade)
  • Beast Academy for GT students (1st-5th grade)
  • Noetic Learning Math Competition (2nd-5th grade)
  • Math Counts Competition (6th-8th grade)
Critical Thinking
  • Primary Education Thinking Skills Curriculum (Kindergarten-3rd grade)
  • ThinkLaw Curriculum (Kindergarten-5th grade)
  • Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program (Kindergarten-5th grade)
  • Honors Level ELA Classes (6th-8th grade)
Enrichment Opportunities
  • Destination Imagination Early Learning Rising Stars (Kindergarten-2nd grade)
  • Destination Imagination (3rd-5th grade)


Students may be nominated for the gifted and talented program at any grade level by teachers, counselors, and parents. All second grade students will be screened for GT services. Screening will be completed in the fall of each school year. Notification will go out to parents in advance of the screening dates.


Flagstaff Academy follows the protocols designated by St. Vrain School District in identifying gifted students. Criteria to identify gifted and talented students shall be established in the Board-approved program for the gifted and talented. The criteria shall be specific to the state definition of gifted and talented and shall ensure the fair assessment of students with special needs, such as the culturally different, the economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities.
Questions about our Gifted and Talented program? Contact Kahlie Benz, Gifted and Talented Teacher.