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Elementary School

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 

Flagstaff Academy's Kindergarten through 2nd grade lays the foundation for our Core Knowledge learning sequence, where students explore an integrated and cumulative experience of science, math, reading, writing, and history to enhance a deep understanding of our shared global community. The lower grades gain valuable technology-focused learning that includes the basics of coding, programming, and robotics.
Our youngest students start their science education with regular classroom time in the dedicated elementary science lab, as well as in our unique greenhouse classroom and garden. Our teaching staff fully embraces this exciting time in your student’s life, challenging them to step forward in their learning, as well as emerging global citizens that embody a love of learning, empathy, acceptance, and perseverance.


3rd - 5th Grade

Third grade science includes human and living biology, structures and processes, life cycles, geology, chemistry, and the scientific process.
Fifth grade culminates in a Flagstaff Academy annual tradition: the “Living History” museum. History literally comes to life through the research, presentation, and imagination of the entire fifth grade student body. As a community of learners, the upper elementary school grades equip students with 21st Century skills that empower them to engage with a rigorous learning environment to support their growth as socially and academically responsible citizens. Students have leadership opportunities with the Student Council, which is a student-elected group of 4th-8th graders that fosters service and community spirit.
Flagstaff 1:1 Chromebook Program
All grades have Google Chromebook carts that allow any classroom to become a computer lab instantly. Fourth and fifth grades have one cart in each classroom so that students begin to prepare for the 1:1 Chromebook program in our middle school by having an assigned Chromebook for their coursework. 

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