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Elementary Mathematics

Welcome to the Flagstaff Academy Elementary Mathematics webpages! Our school teaches the Colorado Academic Standards for Mathematics. The mathematics standards compel us to make mathematics relevant to students by moving beyond mere answer getting to doing the work of mathematicians. The standards emphasize the development of students’ abilities to use mathematics to represent their lived experiences and to simplify and explain complex phenomena.
To measure students’ mastery of the standards and the complex thinking and other critical skills, students are given the Colorado Measures of Student Success (CMAS) test. The CMAS test is given to all students starting in third grade and each year thereafter through 8th grade.  
At Flagstaff, we teach the EnVision 2.0 math for Kindergarten through Grade 5 curriculum. EnVision math provides project-based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options. 
Please view the short video for an overview of the EnVision 2.0 Math Student Resources.


Flagstaff Academy is proud to participate in the nationwide push for more advanced math courses starting in elementary school, which leads to more success in middle school and high school! See below for our K-8th Grade Math Pathways: