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Overnight Field Trips

Overnight trips require careful planning by the staff to make sure everyone has a good time. This is often a time when most parents worry about their children away from home. They plan for every possible contingency, including medication.
When sending medication for an overnight trip please make sure you have the proper forms filled out and returned to the health clerk.
The Medicine Administration Permission Form is required for each medication being sent, both prescription and over the counter (OTC).
  • Parents fill out the top half of the Medication Administration form; healthcare providers will fill out the bottom half.
  • Forms must be filled out, signed and dated before they are returned to the health office.
  • Dates on the medication administration permission form must be calendar dates (ex. June 8, 2017) not "start of trip" or "end of year"
  • Medication Administration Permission forms should be presented with the medication, to ensure all information matches the medication.
  • The parent MUST drop off and pick up all medication. Please, DO NOT send a student to school with any medication.
  • The correct dosage should be listed on the medication administration form. There should be no guessing or calculating when distributing medication. (Dosage: 1 pill, NOT Dosage: 325mg)
  • There must be one form for each medication. If there are multiple medications, there should be multiple forms. 
  • Check expiration dates on the medication bottle. We can't accept any expired medication.
  • The prescription bottle must have the student's name on the prescription.
  • OTC medication must be in the original bottle/packaging.
  • The student's name should be written on the package of OTC medication in permanent marker.
  • Medication stored in the health office prior to the trip will follow the student from school to activity and back to school again.
  • If sending an inhaler that is not stored in the health office, a Colorado Asthma Care Plan must be on file. 
  • If the student carries an inhaler, a Colorado Asthma Care Plan and a self carry contract must be on file.
  • If sending an epi-pen not stored in the health office, an Allergy/Anaphylaxis plan must be on file.
  • An appointment must be made before dropping off medication or paperwork.
  • Medication not picked up within seven days of the end of the trip will be disposed of.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Health Clerk by phone (303) 651-7900 ext. 211 or email.