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Head Lice

As a courtesy, we inform parents by email when there are multiple
confirmed cases of lice found in the school. It does not mean we have
an infestation, it is merely a proactive stance for parents to be aware.
School policy states that if a child is found with lice, the parent will be
contacted and treatment is expected. The student may come back to
school the day after treatment but will be checked by the health clerk to make sure the
treatment worked. There will be another head check after a week to ensure there is no new
Lice can happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s part of school culture. Children work close to each other. They are just as exposed to lice as they are to strep throat, pink eye, and
a host of other common childhood afflictions.
In an average school year, more children in the United States will “catch” lice than they will the
common cold. If you find evidence of lice (either bugs, eggs, or nits), it is vital to treat every
person in the household. Cleaning the house is essential. (See attached checklist)
In addition to identifying and eradicating lice from the home, it is important to notify the school
so that we can effectively and confidentially monitor the situation. These outbreaks end faster
when there is effective communication between parents and staff.
Due to confidentiality, we will not release the classes or grades of the students with lice. Middle
school students come into elementary classes, elementary students carpool with middle school
students. There is constant contact between the two “schools”. No matter where lice are located, it affects us all.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Health Clerk by phone (303) 651-7900 ext. 211 or email.
More information on Head Lice from the CDC VIEW HERE