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Next Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, June 4, at 5:30 p.m.
in the Flagstaff Academy Library
Flagstaff Academy, a public charter school within the St. Vrain Valley School District, is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who make the strategic decisions to keep our school's operations in line with our mission and vision by providing the school administration the necessary resources and support to be successful. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the annual school budget, reviewing and approving the school curriculum, establishing policies and procedures consistent with Flagstaff's mission, hiring the Executive Director, long range planning, site and facility development, and many other decisions relating to the direction, financing, and operation of Flagstaff Academy. The Board of Directors oversee several committees that report recommendations and serve to help the Board of Directors govern the school. Board of Directors members serve three-year terms and are elected to the Board of Directors by Flagstaff Academy parents. Meet the Board.

Public Records Request (CORA)

Flagstaff Academy complies with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) in terms of public review of district records [Board Policy KDB and KDB-R]. Information attainable by CORA requests include any writing that is made, kept or maintained by Flagstaff Academy, emails and records that are stored in digital filing systems, computers or servers.

Flagstaff Academy's records are public, unless otherwise protected, and shall be available within three business days from the initial request. If the record exists but cannot be gathered within the three-day period, the delivery date shall be extended an additional seven working days. The requestor shall be notified of the extension within the first three days of receiving the request. Format requests will be considered, but Flagstaff Academy reserves the right to provide information in the format the School deems most appropriate.
To request public records from Flagstaff Academy, please fill out this form
Full details concerning fees for CORA request protocols can be found at
To communicate with the Board as a whole, or submit a public comment for reading at a Board meeting, please email [email protected]