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Organizational Structure

Flagstaff Academy's Organizational Structure

As a charter school, Flagstaff Academy has two major organizational units: Operations and Academics. As a publicly-funded charter school, Flagstaff Academy is a 100-employee company that operates under a contract with the St. Vrain Valley School District to operate our amazing school. That means that we have a professional staff dedicated to each of these operations.


The entire PreK to 8th grade academic program is lead by the Executive Principal. The Executive Principal is a highly experienced educator and school administrator responsible for curriculum development, instructional practices, teacher hiring and development, and student success. The Executive Principal supervises the Assistant Principals in charge of the elementary and middle schools as well as the Student Services functions such as Special Education, Counseling, and School Culture. The Executive Principal and Assistant Principals are the traditional principals that many of us are familiar within a school setting. Their expertise in academics is the primary function of Flagstaff Academy that leads to the success of our students.


All business operations and strategic leadership is led by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is a highly qualified leader responsible for finance, facilities, safety, human resources, and information technology. As a charter public school, functions normally associated with a central office or district are performed by our Business Office. Flagstaff Academy manages our own finance including budget, payroll, purchasing, and facilities needs. We manage our own human resources including benefits administration and legal compliance. The primary role of Operations is to give the Academic program the tools and resources needed to provide the safest, best educational program in the region.

Key Leadership Roles

Executive Director- Wayne Granger

The Executive Director (ED) is the strategic and operational leader of Flagstaff Academy. The ED reports directly to the Board of Directors, working with the Board to establish the overall vision and direction of Flagstaff Academy. The ED supervises the Executive Principal and all support staff in the Business Office and Before & After School programs. The ED is the lead safety officer on campus

Katie Gustafson photo

Executive Principal- Katie Gustafson

The Executive Principal (EP) will provide leadership and vision in the ongoing planning, implementation, development, direction, review, and evaluation of the school’s curriculum and instructional services, assessment, research, and evaluation services. The EP ensures that the school education objectives are aligned to the Core Knowledge sequence and to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement and instructional excellence. The EP reports to the Board of Directors and participates as a member of the Executive t

Assistant Principal- K-5 - Gael Lester

The Assistant Principal (AP K-5) oversees the Kindergarten to 5th grade academic program and student behavior. The Elementary AP K-5 provides coaching and instructional support to elementary teachers and interventionists. The Elementary AP also oversees the student conduct and welfare of elementary students.

Kate Salgado photo

Middle School Assistant Principal- Kate Salgado

The Middle School Assistant Principal (AP) oversees the 6th to 8th grade academic program and student behavior. The Middle School AP provides coaching and instructional support to middle school teachers and staff. The Middle School AP also oversees the student contact and welfare of middle school students including middle school athletics.

Dean of School Culture- Kevin Pugh

The Dean of School Culture is responsible for helping establish and maintain our culture of kindness, inclusiveness, and restorative practices. The Dean of School Culture assists the Assistant Principals with student behavior concerns and facilitates resolution of conflict through restorative practices when appropriate. The Dean of School Culture also implements our Character Education programs designed to teach our students key social and emotional skills for success

Dragon Flight Director, Interim Preschool Director- Jeanna Peppler

The Director of Dragon Flight oversees Flagstaff Academy's amazing before and after school care program, Dragon Flight. Dragon Flight is a state-licensed child care program. Dragon Flight provides before and after school care, as well as academic support and enrichment opportunities. The Dragon Flight Director manages the full-time Summer Camp. The Preschool Director is the leader of our private Preschool program. The Preschool Director oversees all aspects of the preschool program including state licensure, assessment, academics, social well-being, and health. The Preschool Director supervises the Preschool Teacher and Preschool aide.

Office Manager- Marnie Lowrey

The Office Manager is a key manager for operations especially in finance and human resources. The Office Manager ensures Financial Transparency compliance, budget implementation, and benefits administration. The Office Manager supervises the business office staff including Reception, Attendance, Volunteer Coordination, and the Health Room.