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Student Teaching

Student teaching is an important experience and milestone for those working toward a teaching degree. Being a student teacher at Flagstaff Academy offers an opportunity to observe and be engaged in a rich curriculum and school community. The experience allows student teachers the opportunity to engage students in classroom settings, observe best teaching practices and work alongside experienced teachers. Flagstaff Academy student-teachers work with outstanding teachers and amazing students!

Student Teacher Expectations

  • Present at school during teacher work hours (7:45-4:00). Cooperating teacher will inform you of any additional times you will need to be present at school.
  • Attend monthly staff meetings
  • Attend team meetings
  • Meet with cooperating teacher at least twice during work week.
  • Dress according to Teacher Dress Code- as found in the Flagstaff Academy Handbook
  • Grading: Student teacher completes grading of all assignments taught.
  • Student teacher shares weekly lesson plans with cooperating teacher by the Sunday night before school week.
  • Student teacher keeps an ongoing binder according to the binder expectations.
  • Complete 18 week plan with cooperating teacher.
  • Keeps ongoing communication with cooperating teacher and advisor.
  • Sub plans written for days absent from the classroom.
  • Student teacher is recommended to apply for substitute license for St. Vrain.
  • Video/Photo release form given to homeroom and math class within first week of student teaching (if required by university).

To apply as a student teacher:

Complete the Student Teacher Application and return to the Student Teaching Coordinator at [email protected]  at least two months prior to semester of student teacher.

If application is selected, the student teacher will be called in for an interview with the Student Teacher Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and Cooperating Teacher.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Flagstaff Academy affirms that it shall not discriminate against any employee on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, nationality, origin, religion, ancestry, age, sexual orientation or disability in its recruitment, selection, training, utilization, termination or other employment-related activities.