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Mission and Vision

Flagstaff Academy Vision Map

Our Vision Map - This map illustration depicts our three pillars of success: Student Success, Professional Environment and Culture, and Financial Stability. The illustration shows our strong culture with connectedness, science, technology, robotics, and our greenhouse classroom. This Vision Map was created with the input of our students, staff, and parents to represent what makes Flagstaff Academy special.

Flagstaff Academy Mission

Our mission is to develop students who are equipped to be well-rounded, ethical leaders in the world community with a foundation based on science and technology.

Flagstaff Academy's Guiding Principles

  • Provide a preschool through eighth grade Core Knowledge-based education with a hands-on science and technology focus, as well as attention to the arts.
  • Foster an environment that challenges students to achieve their academic potential.
  • Promote, value, and recognize academic achievement and creativity.
  • Respect the individual, classroom, school, community, and world.

2016 Strategic Plan

Three Pillars of Success

The 2012 Strategic Plan established our Three Pillars of Success. The three pillars, Student Success, Professional Environment and Culture, and Financial Sustainability remain relevant and solid representations of the necessary areas of focus to keep Flagstaff Academy as a leader in our region. 

Student Success

This is why we exist. This embodies our customer, our product, and our promise. The academic, social, and emotional health and success of our students is our primary purpose.

Professional Environment and Culture

No single factor has greater impact on student achievement than Quality of Instruction. The hiring, training, development, and evaluation of teachers is the primary goal of academic leadership. Quality teachers, a safe environment, and a positive culture will result in Student Success.

Financial Sustainability

We are stewards of taxpayer dollars. The foundation of charter schools is doing better with taxpayer dollars than traditional schools. We strive to lead best practices in finance, accounting, and business practices. Doing so supports Student Success and Professional Environment and Culture. 

2016 Strategic Plan Goals

The development of the goals of the new strategic plan were centered on the Three Pillars of Success and what programs and initiatives would provide the greatest impact to fulfilling our mission and serving our students. Academic goals are centered on improving math and language arts proficiency as well as developing the well-rounded, whole child. Professional environment goals are targeted at programs that improve teacher effectiveness and quality of instruction, increase leadership capacity within the organization, and ensure an empowered, satisfied workforce. Financial sustainability goals are aimed at long-term planning to ensure adequate resources are available for teachers, Flagstaff Academy maintains a strong enrollment pipeline and sets itself up for managed growth in the future.