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Weekly Daytime Tour, Monday, April 2 at 9am

Leadership Message

Photo of Executive DirectorWelcome to Flagstaff Academy!

Since our founding in 2005, Flagstaff Academy has built an exceptional educational environment which values developing the whole child through an award-winning Pre-K to 8th Grade Core Knowledge academic program. Our curriculum is rich with experiential arts, hands-on science exploration, character education, and innovative technology integration.

As a founding family member, and in my role as Executive Director, I have seen Flagstaff Academy grow from a small, 250-student school into a vibrant campus of more than 900 students and over 100 staff members, all of whom are proud to call themselves Flagstaff Academy Dragons. Dragons signify the heights to which our school soars, from our academic achievements, to our culture of caring and respect.

I’m also the proud parent of two Flagstaff Academy graduates, knowing that they have been well-prepared for high school by their Kindergarten through Eighth grade experience. I am a Dragon to the core. In fact, over one-third of our staff members have children or grandchildren attending Flagstaff Academy. I am confident that Flagstaff Academy is the best and safest educational environment for my children, and the thousands of children who have attended or are currently enrolled. I am positive that you will discover Flagstaff Academy is the perfect place for your child to grow into an ethical world-leader with a foundation based on science and technology.

It is my mission to provide the safest, highest-quality educational environment for your child to grow.

I look forward to you joining our Dragon Family.


Wayne Granger,
Executive Director
Safety, Finance, and Operations


Why choose Flagstaff Academy?

Flagstaff Academy is the premier PreK-8th grade campus located in Southwest Longmont. We utilize the Core Knowledge Sequence for our curricular needs in order to provide our students with a robust education that ensures their preparation for high school, college, and the world beyond. We move that Core Learning Sequence into applied learning through through problem based learning, collaborative student projects embedded in Science, Technology, STEM Curriculum, and other core curriculum areas. Our philosophy is that learning should be active and engaging for students.

Why should you choose Flagstaff Academy as your child's school?

At Flagstaff Academy, your student will get what we feel is a critical part of any child’s development - Character Education through Core Values. In addition, we are a movement school and all students should have movement and “brain breaks” throughout the day, to help them stay balanced, focused, and ready for learning.

At the Elementary school level, as a Science and Technology focused school, our special curriculum emphasis includes a dedicated teacher for each grade level to provide science content through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We have a comprehensive STEM and Technology Curriculum, as well as one day each week of Science Lab, Art, Music, PE, and Tech Lab.

In Middle School your student will thrive. According to a recent study by the American Educational Research Association, "One-third of sixth-graders in 6-12 schools reported that students threatened or bullied other students 'most or all of the time.' Only one in four students at K-8 schools said the same thing. And their grades and test scores were better, too...[t]he students who transferred into a K-8 school in sixth grade still had better experiences than students who started at a 6-8 school. Our Middle School experience provides crucial relationship and leadership building opportunities, as well as challenging academic classes, an exciting array of electives, and competitive sports.

But what is the best reason to send your child to Flagstaff Academy?

Our incredible caring, professional staff!  When you enroll your child you become a part of our Dragon family and just like it is with families, we will encourage and nurture your child in their learning journey and also support you along the way. After all, it takes a village (or a Dragon family!) to raise a child. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. As always, we are here for you and your child!I am so happy to be part of the Flagstaff Academy community.


Sharon Aguina,

Executive Principal
Flagstaff Academy