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What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school operated by a group of parents, educators and/or community leaders as a semi-autonomous school of choice. Charter public schools are governed by a contract between the members of the charter school community and the local school district. For more information on charter public schools in Colorado, visit the Colorado League of Charter Schools, or Colorado Department of Education website.

As charter schools are public, they receive public funds and sometimes grants and donations. This means that there is no tuition. Being public, they are subject to the federal Every Child Succeeds Act (ECSA). The charter schools use teachers who are highly qualified under the Colorado Department of Education requirements.

Charter schools offer free open enrollment for all students. At a certain point during enrollment a lottery system may be used to accept students. Enrollment practices are non-discriminatory and there are no testing requirements to enter.

While Charter schools are not subject to the same rules as public schools, they are still held accountable with internal systems such as Flagstaff's School Accountability Committee.

Some charter schools tailor their academics to certain curricula, or some to a specific type of student such as gifted students or at-risk students. Commonly charter schools specialize in an area of study such as science and technology, while blending focus on all other academic areas. This flexibility in the education system allows for schools to tailor their educational programs, and provides the space where innovation is made.

What grades does Flagstaff Academy serve?

Flagstaff Academy Charter School offers public K-8 Elementary and Middle School education, and a private Pre-School program.

Does Flagstaff Academy offer full-time Kindergarten?

Flagstaff Academy offers three full-day Kindergarten classes and one morning half-day Kindergarten. Since public funding supports full-day programs only, tuition is charged for half-day Kindergarten. To learn more, contact [email protected].

Does Flagstaff Academy charge tuition?

Flagstaff Academy is a public school within the St. Vrain Valley School District, and receives public funding through per pupil revenue from the St. Vrain Valley School District. The two exceptions are preschool and full-day Kindergarten. Public funding for Kindergarten is only for half-day throughout the St. Vrain Valley School District and half-day kindergarten families are responsible for Annual Activity Fees. Families who are interested in the full-day Kindergarten option must pay tuition for the other half of the day. Flagstaff Academy charges an Annual Activity Fee, which goes toward purchasing essential school items. For families who qualify for the free lunch program, you will not be asked to pay the Annual Activity Fee. For families who qualify for reduced lunch, they are asked to pay half the regular fees.

How are science and technology integrated into the curriculum?

Flagstaff Academy’s science and technology curriculum is integrated at every grade level. From our hands-on, lab-based science programs, to coding and programming, to our Greenhouse classroom, our students (and teachers) are grounded in scientific exploration and are highly proficient in the use of technology. We have computer labs for kindergarten through middle school. Our preschool has computers available for students to learn on and use. All students have science class daily, with advanced science labs available as an “essentials/electives” choice in Middle School.

Flagstaff Academy also has a 1:1 Chromebook initiative for fifth through Middle School, with access to Google Education Apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Type to Learn – Keyboarding, Graphic Organizers, such as Inspiration and Kidspiration, Accelerated Reader, Star, NWEA – MAPS Assessment, Dreamweaver and much more.

Every classroom has a 70" Touchscreen TV that provides interactive educational content for up to six students at a time. Students do not just receive instruction, the interactive panels engage students in their learning environment.

Visit our Science and Technology page to learn more.

How many students attend Flagstaff Academy?

Our campus is located in in the technology sector of Longmont, Colorado, and includes the following student enrollment (at capacity):

  • Preschool- 48
  • Elementary- 624
  • Middle School- 300

What are classroom sizes like?

Our class sizes do not go above our ideal class size numbers:

  • Preschool - 15 students (3 years old), 16/17 students (4/5 years old)
  • Kindergarten - 23 students per class
  • 1st–5th Grade - 26 students per class
  • Middle School - Avg. of 22 students

While these class sizes are what parents can expect in a typical classroom, with our additional teachers, specialists, interventionists, and innovative program teachers, our average student to teacher ratio is 18 to 1 or lower.

Are special education services available?

Flagstaff Academy Charter School is subject to all federal and state laws under IDEA for special education services. Flagstaff Academy will purchase all special education services from the St. Vrain Valley School District and will be accountable to the District Board of Education regarding compliance with federal and state special education and disability laws.

Flagstaff Academy's Special Education program has been recognized by the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) as a 2019 NASET Exceptional Charter School in Special Education, the highest level of recognition a charter school can achieve. The honor reflects the "rigorous professional criteria which demonstrate truly exceptional dedication, commitment, and achievement in the field of special education." This is the second year that Flagstaff Academy's Special Education department has received this honor.

In conjunction with St. Vrain Valley School District, Flagstaff Academy provides services required by the Individual Education Plans (IEPs), including, but not limited to, initial evaluations and re-evaluations, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiology, low vision specialist services, autism specialist services, teacher of the deaf, paraprofessional services, sign interpreters, school psychology services, school health care services, and transportation services required by student IEPs.

If you have questions about our special education services, please contact Jeri Tagawa, Special Education Manager at [email protected] or 303-651-7900, ext. 298.

Are the needs of gifted and talented students addressed?

Flagstaff Academy is committed to providing support for all students to reach their potential. Gifted and talented students are recognized by Flagstaff Academy as exceptional children who require special programming to reach their full potential (C.R.S. 22-20-101 et seq.). Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of gifted students; however, some may require special services. The students in the Gifted and Talented Program experience training in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and logic.

Is Flagstaff Academy a Prep School?

Flagstaff Academy is committed to providing a rigorous and innovative academic program in a supportive environment. Our curriculum, science and technology focus, and commitment to core values prepare our students to have the skills necessary to thrive in high school and college. As part of the St. Vrain Valley School District, students can choose to go to their feeder schools, or can open enroll in any of the excellent high school choices in the area. Flagstaff Academy is dedicated to developing leaders and thinkers with a lifelong love of learning, respect for their community and the world around them, and a solid academic foundation.

Is there a Before and After School program at Flagstaff Academy?

Dragon Flight is Flagstaff Academy's Before and After School programs that are run onsite at our school. The students have opportunities to complete homework, receive tutoring, complete activities, play games and have fun! Dragon Flight also runs extracurricular and enrichment classes throughout the school year.

Visit Dragon Flight's website to learn more!

Dragon Flight, Flagstaff Academy's onsite before and after school care program, offers extracurricular and enrichment classes throughout the year, as well as camps on all SVVSD breaks, and a full summer day camp. Some of the extracurricular after-school enrichment activities offered through Dragon Flight, robotics, sports programs, arts programs, foreign languages, and other enrichment classes.To learn more, visit Dragon Flight.

We also participate in St. Vrain Valley School District sports programs for our Middle School students, which includes Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, and Co-ed Track and Field. Our sports teams play competitively with other SVVSD schools, and participate in all SVVSD-wide tournaments. To learn more, visit Middle School Athletics.

Is there a dress code?

Flagstaff Academy is dedicated to creating a positive environment that is conducive to learning. Students are expected to be well-groomed, dressed in a manner reflecting respect for themselves and those around them, and use good judgment in the choices they make. Specific requirements for what is acceptable clothing to wear to school can be found in the Dress Code section of the Parent and Student Handbook.

How do I enroll my child?

Flagstaff Academy welcomes all students! Enrollment is open from December 1st through October 1st the following year. If more students seek to enroll than available openings, wait lists will be established each year. Enrollment information can be found here or by contacting Sheila Strukel, Registrar at [email protected].