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Inclement Weather, Recess, and School Activities

Keeping our staff and students safe is our top priority!

As the weather in Colorado can change significantly from hour to hour, a decision to hold outdoor activities, or suspend them, may change throughout the day and could also change multiple times. Temperature alone is not the deciding factor when it comes to making the decision to hold outdoor activities such as recess or an  outside class. Other factors such as winds, precipitation, and severe weather are taken into consideration as well.


Temperature alone is not a determining factor. Especially for a short duration such as recess, properly-clothed students can endure sub-freezing temperatures for significant periods of time well in excess of our recess schedules. Wind Chill is a better determination factor when considering temperature as a limiting factor.

Outdoor activities will be ceased when Wind Chill is 0° or below.

Wind chill chart for recessFlagstaff Academy has a WeatherBug station on our roof, which provides a “Feels Like” temperature reading that includes the Wind Chill Factor and will be used for as part of the outdoor recess and classroom determination.

High Winds

Regardless of temperature, high winds can pose a safety concern on their own, including blowing sand and debris, which can cause significant injury.

Outdoor activities will be ceased when sustained winds are in excess of 25 mph, or when wind gusts exceed 40 mph.


Precipitation can also significantly amplify the effects of temperature. Additionally, wet students returning inside the building create safety issues with wet floors and equipment.

Outdoor activities will be ceased when active precipitation is occurring.

Severe Weather

Lightning is one of the most unpredictable and deadliest weather phenomena. An approaching storm can produce lightning from any edge, or the center of the storm. As a general rule, lightning is one mile away for every five seconds that elapses between seeing the lightning flash and hearing the thunder.

Tornadoes can be common in Colorado and there is no need to justify the safety implication.

Outdoor activities will be ceased when lighting is within 5 miles of the campus or a Tornado Warning has been issued for Longmont, Niwot, and/or Northeast Boulder County.