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Student Activity Fees and Payments


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Elementary and Middle School families are expected to pay an annual, non-refundable student activity fee. We count on these fees as a part of our operational budget. When fees aren’t received, there is a direct impact on how much we can spend in classrooms. Student activity fees are non-refundable.
 Student Activity Fees go toward purchasing:
  • Student workbooks
  • Consumable classroom supplies
  • Software licensing for technology programs
  • Buses and tickets for field trips
  • Elementary specials program materials
  • Middle School electives
  • Special educational guests
  • Community school supplies 
23-24 Activity Fees
Elementary Student Activity Fee $240
Middle School Student Activity Fee $285
Pay Fees Online through: 
Families who are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program are also eligible for reduced student activity fees. To apply for the program, go to: All families are eligible to make payments on their Activity Fees. Please contact Kim Hagen Rapp, Business Office Assistant at [email protected] if you have questions.
What form of payments do we accept?

How your Annual Activity Fees help our school!