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Flagstaff Academy is the premier science and technology preK-8th grade charter school in the St. Vrain Valley School District. Our school curriculum builds a solid foundation in science and technology and prepares students to succeed in high school and college, and become leaders in these fields.
Flagstaff Academy's science and technology program accomplishments:
  • 5th grade watershed science program
  • 4th grade virtual pika conference
  • Multi-year winners at the Corden Pharma regional and state science fairs
  • National and state winners of the VEX Robotics Championship include Flagstaff Academy teachers, current students, and alumni
  • School-wide "Day of Code" with 8th grade students teaching kindergarten through middle school students
Science and technology lessons at Flagstaff Academy are not reserved solely for students. Each year, teachers and staff participate in a Flagstaff-developed ScienceFest. This annual event boosts teacher capacity in science and technology through peer-to-peer lessons in various fields of science and technology.


science lab
The heart of Flagstaff Academy's science program is hands-on exploration. We have four on-site science labs, one for elementary grades and three for middle school grades, as well as four full-time dedicated science instructors. Students in kindergarten and the elementary grades get to personally experience science by using lab-based instruction in conjunction with the Core Knowledge-based science curriculum.
The Flagstaff Academy middle school science program is more than your typical middle school science class. Difficult topics are studied throughout the year, such as protein synthesis, DNA replication, advanced physics concepts, and plate tectonics to name a few. In addition, we offer an advanced science lab, as well as science-focused "essentials" offerings for those students who want a more in-depth experience.
The goal is to prepare our students to take advanced science courses in high school and into college. All students annually prepare an independent study of a science-focused topic and present it at our annual STEM Fair. We've had multiple winners at the Corden Pharma Regional and State Science Fairs. 

Greenhouse Classroom and Organic Outdoor Garden

middle school scienceFlagstaff Academy was the first school in the St. Vrain Valley School District to have a greenhouse classroom. This unique learning space, featuring an aquaponic garden with live koi, provides every Flagstaff student with a hands-on experience that corresponds with our science curriculum.  
The greenhouse classroom is located in an organic garden courtyard. Students play an active roll in keeping the garden healthy and well maintained; identifying invasive and friendly insect species, tending the soil, planting seedlings and watching them mature into mature fruit and vegetable plants. At harvest time, students get to enjoy the fruits of the harvest and sample the various goodies they've grown.


technology labFlagstaff Academy has two technology labs: the Innovation Lab for elementary students in grades K-5, and one for middle school. Each lab is equipped with internet-enabled computers and a robust suite of software applications.
Large Smartboard touchscreen displays are used in every classroom, as well as in the Flagstaff Academy Library. In addition, students in grades 3 through 8 participate in our 1:1 Chromebook program where every student is given a Chromebook for school use. For our K through 2 elementary classes, mobile Chromebook carts are used to bring technology into the classrooms.
In the elementary school Innovation Lab, students are exposed to engineering concepts such as space and flight, circuits and electrical engineering, robotics, green energy systems, architecture, and 2D and 3D modeling and design (CAD).
In middle school, students are able to choose from a number of technology electives courses including computer science, cybersecurity/networking, and physical computing. Each course builds upon the other to create mastery in a variety of computer science areas. 
In all grades, technology lessons are developed through collaboration between the technology teachers and the classroom teachers. This approach creates links between the topics the students are covering in their classrooms and the topics they work on in the tech labs.