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Flagstaff Academy Preschool/Dragons' Den Dress Code

  • Preschoolers do not have to follow the Flagstaff Academy K-8 Dress Code. 
  • Preschoolers must wear tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes with rubber soles (no sandals, no Crocs).
  • Easy clothes for using the bathroom (no belts, no suspenders, no difficult snaps, and/or buttons).
  • Sweatpants are acceptable.
  • Shorts are to be worn under dresses.
  • No spaghetti straps on dresses or shirts. 


All children need to have a complete extra set of clothes (top, bottom, socks, and underwear) to be kept in the classroom. Parents are required to bring these extra clothes in when they bring in the school supplies. Throughout the year, it is the parents’ responsibility to replace clothes to accommodate size and weather changes.