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Physical Education

Flagstaff Academy is committed to the physical fitness of every student and we understand the role that an active body plays in a balanced and solid academic performance. We offer physical education and wellness classes for every grade level. Preschoolers love their yoga as much as the rest of our students enjoy their movement breaks, including a middle school mid-morning walk, which we've found helps with behavior and attention.
Physical Education classes are part of the regular K-5th grade schedule, and offered as a middle school essential/elective. Physical Education includes instruction in Flagstaff Academy's rock climbing wall, fitness, invasion games, net and fielding games, and other fun cooperative activities.



We offer a full range of competitive afterschool middle school sports, including:

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball 
  • Girls Basketball
  • Co-ed Track and Field
  • Cross Country Club

Flagstaff Academy's middle school sports teams compete against other St. Vrain Valley School District schools, as well as in district-wide tournaments and meets. Students participating in Middle School sports need to maintain good academic standing, as well as be current on all homework. 


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