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Foreign Language, the Arts, and Music

Flagstaff Academy, as a science and technology-focused school, understands the importance of a well-rounded education. We pride ourselves on a robust and integrated foreign language and arts program that enriches the learning experience for every student, at every level. 

Visual Arts

Because Flagstaff Academy is rooted in Core Knowledge curriculum, Elementary grade level students will build on their skills of several different mediums of art (painting, drawing, ceramics, mixed media, etc) and progress their knowledge and application of the Elements of Art. The goal for the program is to expose students to a wide variety of different medias that apply to multiple cultures and art movements from around the world.

Flagstaff Academy Middle School offers students a variety of art essentials/electives. These classes provide students the opportunity to explore different types of visual art, from basic drawing and painting techniques, visual thinking and cognitive thinking strategies, SMART goal setting, and risk-taking. We also offer a digital photography class and stop motion animation class. Flagstaff Academy participates in the St. Vrain Valley School District's annual art show and many of our students have been recognized with top honors.


bandThe Flagstaff Academy music program provides all students the opportunity to sing, play, move, listen, and create. A variety of topics are covered at each level including musical elements, composers, and multicultural music. Recorders are introduced in third grade and beginning woodwind, brass, and percussion are offered in fourth grade. Beginning band is available to fourth and fifth grade students with multiple performance opportunities.


At the Middle School level, the Flagstaff Academy music program includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced band, jazz band, and choir. 


Language Arts

The Flagstaff Academy Middle School Language Arts program has had a decade-long partnership with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's "Shakespeare and Violence Prevention" program which performs anti-bullying themed pieces and holds workshops for the students. 
Sixth grade works toward oral and written fluency, using the Santillana, Level 1 program and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS). Spanish is offered as an essential/elective in middle school which, at its completion, is the equivalent of what is being taught at the district high schools' freshman year.
Throughout the program students are also taught about cultural aspects and celebrations of Hispanic countries, bringing to light the significance of our ever-increasing global community. In this manner, the average Flagstaff graduate is well-prepared to enter high school at the sophomore Spanish II level.We also offer a French Language Middle School essential/elective.