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Elementary School Technology

ferris wheelThe elementary school technology lab is home to a working six foot tall K'nex ferris wheel. This ferris wheel was assembled by Flagstaff Academy 5th graders who then created riders using the Technology Lab's 3D printer.
With the goal of igniting our youngest students' passion for technology, technology lab instruction covers a variety of topics including:
  • Electronic circuitry
  • Construction and innovation
  • 3D digital design, electronics, and coding
  • Early programming using bee-bots and sphero
  • Animation and app development
Elementary school students also learn basic computer literacy and grade-appropriate instruction on the parts of the computer, keyboarding, digital citizenship, digital art, and math. Flagstaff is fortunate to have a dedicated Innovations teacher with a passion for engineering, programming, coding, and computer science.
Visits to the elementary school technology lab are greatly anticipated by students at Flagstaff Academy. Students in kindergarten through 5th grades visit the technology lab on a rotating basis, culminating in a week of technology instruction every month. Preschool students rotate through the technology lab monthly as well.