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Dragon PRIDE Core Virtues

The moment you walk in the door at Flagstaff Academy, you’ll encounter what we lovingly refer to as our “Dragon Culture,” epitomized by Dragon PRIDE Core Virtues. Our school mascot is a dragon, representing strength, character, respect, loyalty, and always striving to do our best and we display our Dragon PRIDE throughout the school, from banners in the hallway, classrooms, parking lot, as well as in our school-wide expectations. Our diverse culture is supportive, celebratory, accountable, and welcomes students, staff, and faculty from all walks of life. 
Dragon Pride Poster

Core Virtues

Flagstaff Academy is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop positive character traits. We have identified Core Virtues which are incorporated into monthly activities and Character Education with students. Our character education focuses on defining and practicing one core virtue each month. Our Core Virtues:
View the Monthly Dragon PRIDE videos, produced by our Student Council and National Junior Honor Society students and shared with all students at our start of the month PRIDE assemblies. 

Express Core Virtues Through All Interactions

We work intentionally to create a culture built on “No Surprises.” Honest and respectful communication are central to this goal. We expect every member of our school community to express Flagstaff Academy's Core Virtues through their interactions with one another. Whether in person, during driveline, in conversation with teachers or staff, or through e-mail, we emphasize kind and respectful communication.

Flagstaff Academy Dragon Pledge

Recited every day at the beginning of the day

I promise to respect and care about my school and other Dragons. I pledge to work hard and be responsible. I promise to show perseverance and self control at all times. I will be honest and a good example for others, and I will treat people the way I want to be treated.