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What is the age range of children who can participate in Dragon Flight?

Does my child need to attend Flagstaff in order to participate in Dragon Flight Care or Enrichment?

How do I register my child for Dragon Flight care?

What does an afternoon in Dragon Flight look like?

What is the staff to child ratio in Dragon Flight?

If I register my child for Dragon Flight and (s)he do not attend, will I still be charged?

Will I be charged if I am late picking up my child from Dragon Flight?

If my child is sent to Dragon Flight drop-in care because I cannot get to school in time for pickup, will I be charged?

Do you accept families that are covered by the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)?

What background checks are conducted on your care providers?

Does Dragon Flight close if there is inclement weather?

Do you provide sick care?

Do you administer medication?

What is your drop-off and pick-up procedure?

What if I need someone else to pick my child up?

Please send the director an e-mail with the name of the authorized person, even if the person is on the authorized pick up list. Please tell the authorized pick-up person to bring their ID in with them.

Do you provide lunch for the children in half-day and full-day care? What about snacks for after-school care?

What are Dragon Flight's discipline procedures?

What will happen if there is an emergency?

Do you offer homework assistance? Is there an extra charge?

What if my child is too young to attend homework club?

Do Middle School students attend Dragon Flight?