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What is the age range of children who can participate in Dragon Flight?

Dragon Flight is licensed to care for children ages 5 to 15.

Does my child need to attend Flagstaff in order to participate in Dragon Flight Care or Enrichment?

Absolutely not. We welcome any and all students into our before- and after-school care and enrichment programs.

How do I register my child for Dragon Flight care?

For your convenience, we offer online registration for all Dragon Flight programs. Be prepared to enter four emergency contacts (name, phone number, address), as well as the name and contact information for your child's doctor, dentist, and hospital preference.

What does an afternoon in Dragon Flight look like?

Children arrive at 3:25 p.m. and put their things away. They use the restroom and wash their hands, check in, and sit down to eat their snack. We then offer a variety of activities including daily outdoor and/or gym time, free play (we have a large selection of toys, books, and board games), science projects, arts and crafts, supervised Chromebook access on Tuesdays and Fridays, and homework club Monday through Thursday.

What is the staff to child ratio in Dragon Flight?

The state of Colorado mandates a staff to child ratio no greater than 1:15. Our child to staff ratio averages 1:12. However, there may be occasions where the ratio is 1:15.

If I register my child for Dragon Flight and (s)he do not attend, will I still be charged?

If your child is registered for Dragon Flight and does not attend, you will be charged for the day of care. We staff Dragon Flight based on the number of children registered. We must pay our staff for their scheduled time, whether or not your child attends.

Will I be charged if I am late picking up my child from Dragon Flight?

If you are late picking up your child from Dragon Flight, you will be charged $1/minute/child for every minute you are late.

If my child is sent to Dragon Flight drop-in care because I cannot get to school in time for pickup, will I be charged?

Yes, you will be charged if your child is sent to drop-in care. If your child is not already registered for Dragon Flight drop-in care/fluctuating schedules, you will need to register your child and pay the $40/child registration fee within 24 hours. You will also need to pay the drop-in care fee.

Do you accept families that are covered by the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)?

Yes, Flagstaff accepts families receiving state assistance through CCAP. Families interested in the Child Care Assistance Program may visit the Colorado Office of Early Childhood website.

What background checks are conducted on your care providers?

Both Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and FBI background checks are conducted.

Does Dragon Flight close if there is inclement weather?

Flagstaff follows the St. Vrain Valley School District school closing policy. If the district deems the weather is too bad for schools in the St. Vrain district to open -- or a delayed start is issued -- Dragon Flight will be closed as well. Please visit our Weather, School Closures, and Safety page or the St. Vrain Valley School District website for more information

Do you provide sick care?

We understand that children get sick (a lot), but for the health of our school community and our staff we do not provide sick care. If your child is sent home from school for vomiting, fever, or diarrhea, they may not return for after school Dragon Flight. Dragon Flight follows the same 24-hour sickness free rule as the school.

Do you administer medication?

If your child is on medication, Dragon Flight requires parents to complete the appropriate Medical Form and submit it to the Dragon Flight director prior to the child attending Dragon Flight. We always have at least one person on staff that is Medication Administration certified. All staff members are CPR/First Aid and Standard Precaution certified as well.

What is your drop-off and pick-up procedure?

Please walk to the cafeteria doors at the north side of the building, the vestibule next to the auditorium/gym. There will be a key pad to the right of the door, which you will use to access the building. To receive a code, please read and sign the Door Code Waiver. Your door code should not be shared with anyone (including your child), except those dropping off/picking up your student. The door code will work from 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. and again from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. If you come before 4 p.m., you will need to go to the front office for pick up.

Why can't I share my door code with my child?

There have been instances where children who know their parents' door code are using it themselves or sharing it with friends. This poses a safety risk for the staff and students of the school. If we find that a door code is being used during school hours, that code will be immediately deactivated and the parent will need to sign a new Door Code Waiver to receive a new code. If a code is compromised and not immediately reported, the family will not receive a new code for the remainder of the school year.

What if I need someone else to pick my child up?

Please send the director an e-mail with the name of the authorized person, even if the person is on the authorized pick up list. Please tell the authorized pick-up person to bring their ID in with them. You may give them your code to access the building, but please remind them that they are not to share it with your child.

Do you provide lunch for the children in half-day and full-day care? What about snacks for after-school care?

A disposable lunch and two snacks should be sent with your child for both half- and full-day care, unless otherwise noted. Parents should send an afternoon snack for after school care. Snacks will not be provided.

What are Dragon Flight's discipline procedures?

Flagstaff Academy and Dragon Flight utilize a multi-tiered Restorative Practices approach within the school's culture that is embraced by the school leadership, staff, and students. The result of this approach is a community that is committed to self-responsibility, self-discipline, and self-awareness of how our words and actions impact one another. For more information, visit our Dragon Culture page.

What will happen if there is an emergency?

In an emergency, we follow the four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter.

Do you offer homework assistance? Is there an extra charge?

We offer a homework club Monday through Thursday beginning at 4:30 p.m. We have paper, pencils, and Chromebooks available. Staff are happy to assist if students need help working through problems. There is no extra charge for a student to participate in homework club.

What if my child is too young to attend homework club?

Children that do not have homework will have the opportunity to read to themselves, or listen to stories read by staff.

Do Middle School students attend Dragon Flight?

Absolutely. We consistently have middle school students in attendance. Dragon Flight is a great opportunity for them to catch up on classwork, socialize with friends, or even read to the younger children.