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Core Knowledge

Flagstaff Academy's award-winning educational program offers a unique learning environment in which your child will be supported to become a well-rounded and ethical leader. Flagstaff Academy won the prestigious John Irwin School of Excellence award multiple times and was ranked #1 Middle School by Colorado School Grades (2014). Flagstaff Academy's Core Knowledge Sequence provides a detailed and systematic sequence of grade-specific content that has been developed with the philosophy that knowledge is built upon knowledge. The core content is organized to progress through the grade levels, becoming more sophisticated and dedicated in each successive grade.

Flagstaff Academy Curriculum

Flagstaff Academy's curriculum is based on Core Knowledge, using a distinct core of shared knowledge and content for the following subjects: mathematics, science, technology, history, language arts, geography, social studies, and the fine arts. The principal idea is to develop a foundation of basic understanding of these subjects, and then build upon them year after year in a cohesive manner. Flagstaff Academy students thrive in their high school years and in college because of this strong foundation.

Core Knowledge and Other Resources

We have several good resources to help you discover more about the Core Knowledge curriculum and philosophy. E.D Hirsch's series of books, "What Your First Grader Needs to Know", etc., can be found at most bookstores and libraries. These books offer a comprehensive look into the content taught each school year in any Core Knowledge school. The Core Knowledge Institute also has a website:

Flagstaff Academy is a member of the Colorado League of Charter Schools

Other valuable resources include St. Vrain Valley School District website, and the Colorado Department of Education website.