History of Hip-Hop at Flagstaff Academy!

World-renowned Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company Brings the History of Hip-Hop to Flagstaff Academy


Flagstaff Academy, Longmont’s premier science and technology preK-8th grade school, is also dedicated to integrating the arts in and out of the classroom. Through the school’s longstanding partnership with Think 360 Arts (www.think360arts.org), each year unique artists and performances are brought to to Flagstaff Academy. This year, the world-renowned Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) Company presented the History of Hip Hop Dance to the school’s 4th through 8th grade students.


Students learned of the history of dance from roots in Africa, Motown, the 80's break-dancing craze, New Orleans jazz, and modern dance.


The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company created this unique dance performance just for Flagstaff Academy. It was so successful, they will be taking it to other schools in the future.


The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company www.cleoparkerdance.org is one of the premier dance ensembles promoting social justice, community, and broad access to dance for all ages. Since the company’s inception in 1970, CPRD has served well over half a million K-12 students in school districts throughout the Front Range.


The performance with CPRD was made possible by funding from the Xilinx Educational Ecosystem Grant, Think 360 Arts, and the Flagstaff Academy PTO. Flagstaff Academy’s Kindergarten through 3rd grade students will learn science through dance in February 2017 as dancer David Reuille joins Flagstaff Academy once again for a two-week, artist-in-residence program.


About the Xilinx Educational Ecosystem

Flagstaff Academy is proud to enjoy a robust community partnership with technology leader, Xilinx and the Xilinx Global Educational Ecosystem program. The program, supporting elementary through secondary education, brings together leaders in business, education and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that foster leadership in a global society while developing youth for the workforce of the future.

Funding from Xilinx provides enrichment programs at Flagstaff Academy with an emphasis in hands-on learning experiences in the areas of Arts, Health, Community and Social Services, and Science & Technology. Flagstaff Academy's partnership with the Xilinx Educational Ecosystem has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of technology, arts performances, educational supplies, and business partnerships for over a decade. Think 360 Arts serves K-12 schools in Colorado through teacher training, direct services to classrooms and public awareness programs.


Think 360 Arts

Think 360 Arts Educational Performances are focused, creative 45-50 minute artistic experiences that go beyond the traditional assembly program or concert. We carefully select our artists who have the demonstrated ability to develop age and curriculum–appropriate programs that engage, involve, and delight both students and teachers.

Flagstaff Academy has been fortunate to partner with Think 360 Arts and host an Artist through their Artist-in-Residence program. Artist-in-Residence programs have included graphic artists, performance artists, dance, and theater. These programs have had the unique opportunity to enrich our Core Knowledge curriculum through the arts. Past performances have included dancer Peter Davison, Apex Dance, as well as other local actors, artists, and performers.


The Flagstaff Academy PTO

The Flagstaff Academy PTO mission is to serve the school community and promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff at Flagstaff Academy. They carry out this mission by organizing events that provide a sense of community, by providing educational outreach and experiences, and by fundraising to support supplemental education and materials.