Flagstaff Academy 2021 STEM Fair - Virtually Spectacular

Despite a pandemic and Flagstaff Academy's middle school being almost entirely remote, the school held a virtual STEM Fair, providing a permanent exhibition of the students' amazing work. All middle school students submitted STEM projects with students who participated in this year's virtual fair.  
Additionally, three projects were named the winners of the first-ever Virtual 2021 Flagstaff STEM Fair:
1st Place: Rohan M. for "Structural Safety Monitoring"
2nd Place: Diya M. for "Which Mask Protects You Best?"
3rd Place: Aditi P. for "Luminol Impact of Temperature on Visibility of Blood"
"Kudos to our Science Team, Mr. Boone Starr, STEM Fair Coordinator, Ms. Ana Michael, and Ms. Kelsey Taylor for a fantastic job," says Katie Gustafson, Middle School Principal. "In spite of a pandemic, which kept our students hybrid or remote for the duration of this process, the Science Team created a unique and engaging opportunity to showcase our students' remarkable work."
"We are the way in which the universe can know itself," shares Boone Starr. "Science is the process we use to understand the universe and math is the language we use to describe it. These kids all have mastered the skills they need to understand the world around them. The science team is very proud."
14 top participants, including the top three winners, have been selected to move on to the Corden Pharma Regional Fair held in February.
1st Place STEM image   2nd Place STEM image
3rd Place STEM image