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Welcome to Mr.Starr's 6th Grade Science Class

 Mr. Starr's Science Class strives to provide a current foundation in the elements of scientific method, theory, applicability and laboratory practice that will encourage the student to acquire an in-depth appreciation of the scientific endeavor. Science and Mathematics have contributed greatly to humanity and will remain central to human progress and awareness in the new millennium.


6th Grade Science Curriculum

Within the guidelines of the Colorado State Standard and the Core Knowledge Sequence guide, students investigate energy in the Universe and its impact on matter. Specific areas of study include energy, heat and heat transfer, and the physical changes in matter due to energy transfer. On a larger scale, students study Plate Tectonics and Oceans and the role energy plays in the changes in both. Students also learn about the structure of the Universe by studying galaxies, stars, and planets. Finally, students explore human body systems.

"As an educator, it's my duty to empower you to think. So that you can go forth and think accurate thoughts about how the world is put together." Neil DeGrasse Tyson