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Ms. Stacy Wolff » Flagstaff Academy Green Team

Flagstaff Academy Green Team

The Green Team Slogan:  Let’s go green and get our globe clean!  
Staff AdvisorsMs. Wolff and Ms. Adams
We are so excited to introduce our new Food Rescue Table at Flagstaff Academy! Our new student club, the Green Team, has worked very hard to put this together. In an effort to reduce the amount of food wasted at our school, the table will allow students the opportunity to have access to food or more food items with their lunch at no cost. The Food Rescue Table is an effective way to manage food waste, address food insecurity, and keep our environment clean.
What is a Food Rescue Table?
  • It’s a table where you put your unopened crackers, chips, cheese, muffins, yogurt, cartons of milk, and other food that is in its original packaging (not food in ziploc bags). You can also put whole, unpeeled fruit on the Food Rescue Table. No cut-up or bitten-from fruit, please!
  • This program follows USDA guidelines.  
Why would we want a Food Rescue Table?
  • Environmental responsibility: 40% of our food goes in landfills. This is wasteful and creates methane (a harmful greenhouse gas).
  • Food insecurity: Many students struggle to have enough to eat.  The website Feeding America will help you learn more about this issue.
  • Saves money, energy and time! Watch this video to learn more about this.

How does a Food Rescue Table work?

  • If students don’t finish the food in their lunches and it’s unopened, they can either take it back home or put it on the Food Rescue Table.
  • At the conclusion of the last lunch period, Green Team members will count all of the food and track it in a spreadsheet.  

What will happen with the extra food?

  • It will be eaten by Flagstaff Academy students at lunch.
  • It will be reused by the cafeteria.
  • It will be reused by teachers for kids who do not have snacks at school.

How can parents help?

  • Pack food your child will eat.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of not wasting food.

The Food Rescue Table will begin on Monday, February 11.  Thank you so much for your support in this important endeavor.



The Green Team (including Ms. Wolff and Ms. Adams)

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