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100 Mile Club


Flagstaff Academy encourages all families to remain active and connected through 100 Mile Club! Currently, we are not able to run after school enrichment classes. Don't worry, though. 100 Mile Club has created a way for families to order the incentive packages directly through them! Visit the 100 Mile Club To GO! enrollment page for Flagstaff Academy to register.

A separate registration should be completed for each student from your family at Flagstaff. Depending on the 100 Mile Club package you choose for your student(s) the cost is $10 or $15 plus shipping.  In addition, we encourage family members to join! We have a special discounted rate of $10 for any family member who joins at this time (normally $20).

Upon registration, you’ll receive a tracking sheet to begin monitoring your progress. Plus, we’ll be following up with additional information and ideas for doing 100 Mile Club TO GO! throughout the year.

Note: Shipping charges apply as the order will be delivered directly to you. Shipping may take some time, but start tracking your miles NOW!

For more details or questions, contact Kristie Rollman                                                               


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