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Welcome to Dean of School Culture's Page

Many students and parents have asked me, "What does a Dean of School Culture do?" My job is to help students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to be successful.
Here's a little more about how I do that in my role. This position was added in August 2009 to help define, implement, and oversee all aspects of the school culture. "School Culture" can be defined as: "The sum of the values, cultures, safety practices, and organizational structures within a school that cause it to function and react in particular ways."

So, at Flagstaff Academy, my responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Forge positive relationships with all students, parents, and staff
  • Serve as the school's chief administrator in the absence of the principal
  • Represent the school in outside activities such as student recruitment events and community functions
  • Substitute, as needed, in classrooms, drive line, or other locations
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, evaluation, and innovation of student programming
  • Assist in the coordination of multi-day, outdoor education field-trips
  • Work closely with students, staff and faculty to improve academics, discipline, and general school culture
  • Forge a new culture of conflict management and problem-solving based in restorative values and principles
  • Design and support Character Education in all K-8 classrooms, as well as small focus groups
  • Serve on the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) team, helping students to succeed
  • Consult and support teachers in classroom management strategies related to behavior
  • Coordinate the Adam J. Burton Scholarship Committee
  • Facilitate mediations and restorative solution circles between students, faculty, staff, and parents as needed
  • Support and grow restorative practices in schools within the district and state
Thank you for choosing Flagstaff Academy. I wish you and your student(s) the very best of fun, challenge, growth, and success this year!

Kevin Pugh
Dean of School Culture