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Elementary Grade Teacher Web Pages and Infinite Campus

In elementary school, teacher web pages are the primary means of communication with parents for weekly homework assignments, upcoming, projects, classroom information and policies. Infinite Campus, the St. Vrain Valley School District online information portal for parents and students, is used as a secondary means of communicating scholastic information. To access a specifc teacher's email or phone extension, please visit our Teacher and Staff Directory


Ms. Robin Lowe

Executive Principal

Ms. Terri Long

Elementary School Assistant Principal


Mr. Kevin Pugh

Dean of School Culture

Ms. Kate Druhot

Elementary School Counselor

Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Tracy Applehans

Ms. Melissa Fischer


Ms. Kristina Gudmundson

Ms. Sarah Silva

1st Grade Teachers

Ms. Brittany Brown

Ms. Shellaine Keeslar

  Ms. Kimberly Lewis Ms. Brandie Nielson
2nd Grade Teachers

Ms. Brittney Debenport

Mr. Hunter Hamilton


Ms. Jennifer Lockwood

Ms. Kate Sloop

3rd Grade Teachers

Ms. Jennifer Gianetti

Ms. Camille Happel

  Ms. Katie Jamieson

Ms. Jennifer Saam


4th Grade Teachers

Ms. Lauren Gourley

Ms. Kristy Jobe


Ms. Leigh Miller

Ms. Carly Veum

5th Grade Teachers

Ms. Kelly Burnett

Ms. Erin Cynkar


Ms. Megan Mehus

Ms. Melissa Slinker

Elementary Specials Teachers

K-5 Science Lab

Ms. Stacy Wolff

K-5 Technology 

Ms. Susan Sebastiani


Espanol (Grades 3-5)

Sra. Vilma Montealegre

K-5 Art

Mr. Kyle Sumnicht


K-5 Music

Mr. Mieras

K-5 Physcial Education

Mr. Joe Bellis


Greenhouse Manager

Ms. Allison Cole